Hospitals and Medical Centers

Hospitals and medical facilities are required to provide a range of parking options, without proper car park management parking spaces can be severely underutilized.


Robato’s Smart Parking system delivers working solutions to hospitals and medical centers that fulfills the needs of patients, staff and visitors.

Hospitals Parking System

Managing Smart car parking

Robato’s Smart parking system has experience in providing customized and manageable car parking solutions to different hospitals and medical facilities.


Hospitals and medical facilities are usually deal with underutilized spaces in the car parking and overcrowding in the other areas. Other problem is the catering of staff requirement due to different schedules and shifts of hospital staffs. Order can also be brought to visitor parking, which comes with its own unique set of requirements.


Smart Parking can deliver a solution and configure the car parking flexibly and accommodate the spaces according the parking requirement of shift workers, roistered staff and staff with regular hours.


Smart Parking system also configure visitor parking to cater for a range of requirements including limited mobility needs, emergency parking, longer term parking and visitor hours influx, taking the stress out of finding and paying for parking.

Smarter parking at hospitals

Power of information

Smart Parking system is being made of up of componenets that all are interconnected and work with each other and provide a single solution to large sites with different requirements.


Our Parking system is incorporated with vehicle detection sensors that are connected to a system that includes LED directional signage and overhead indicators to inform motorists about available parking spaces, all managed through our  SmartCloud dashboard .

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To assist daily operations and future decision making we required a system that provided visibility and data on car park utilisation. Robato’s Parking delivered that and more. Our operations staff use the Robato systems daily to optimise car park utilisation and the technology of the open API and multi sensor enabled SmartSpots were a key differentiator when it came to choosing a provider. Robato’s Parking responsiveness before, during and after the installation was excellent, and I would happily recommend their system and service.



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Smart Parking Solutions


Vehicles access to airports can turn into chaos if not managed properly, and Automatic parking systems offers single system that provides variety of parking and pick up/drop off options.

campus university parking


Smart Parking Systems can help manage car park usage and monitor trends such as peak hours and driver behaviour.

shopping centres parking

Shopping Centres

Smart Parking Systems are the major requirement of the start and end of the customers shopping at any place.

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Smart cities. Urban reality of the current time across the globe recognizing the need to provide a world of convenience, social responsibility and efficiency for communities to thrive.

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Robato’s ParkLogix system is fully integrates parking guidance, payment and analytics as well as a host of other complementary services and choices. This makes the complete ParkLogix solution truly a sum of its parts, and an industry leader in the technology and parking sector. To find out more, download our company profile.