What is LoRaWAN and what does it have to do with digitisation?

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From the wastewater pumping station to construction site equipment and cows, everything can be networked, monitored, controlled and evaluated. For this to work, suitable transmission technology for machines (and animals) is required. It must have a long range and be able to penetrate walls well in order to obtain data from the last corner.

Low power consumption is also very important so that you don't have to constantly change batteries in difficult places.

The major mobile phone providers are building the NB-IoT or Narrowband IoT network for this purpose - where it makes economic sense for them, and this involves transmission costs for each individual sensor or actuator.

What would you say if you could determine and flexibly expand the network coverage on your (urban) site yourself, and on top of that save on transmission costs? The LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) can offer you exactly these freedoms and much more.

Thus, the LoRaWAN is optimally suited for regional or local machine networks. Here are a few examples:

Construction site networking

On the construction site, work is carried out in many places at the same time, materials and tools disappear and equipment cannot be found. Sometimes unexpected material problems occur due to temperature fluctuations, or the toilet house is full. All this causes additional costs and dissatisfaction among the employees. 

Monitor sewage system without climbing into the sewer

At present, monitoring the sewage system is associated with a high expenditure of time and money. At each measuring point a construction site has to be blocked off, two sewage experts have to go down and determine the data. 

Networked agriculture or smart farming

Each farm can build (or have built) its own LoRaWAN at relatively low cost. Sensors can monitor fields with plants as well as animals to always create optimal conditions. One example is the health of farm animals. Until now, it has been difficult for farmers to have a constant overview of the health status of animals.

Smart Town - building a city network with LoRaWAN

In the development of a city into a Smart Town, the LoRaWAN offers a good complement to mobile communications. All applications that do not consume large amounts of data can run over the city's own machine network. In contrast to the use of the mobile phone network, the city itself determines the area coverage and can forward the collected data to the right people, apps or offices, depending on their authorization.

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