Up gradation of workplace using QR code Technology

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QR (Quick response) code technology uses a 2D matrix code which is designed up on considering two points: it can store large amount of data and it can be decoded at high speed with the use of any handheld devices like phones. The QR code technology is used to store large data, fast scanning, omni-directional readability and error corrections. There are different types of QR codes (logo QR code, encrypted QR code and iQR code) used for different purposes such as marketing, security and academics etc. This technology is gaining popularity at a really high pace. 

The QR code technology is the outmost need of the today’s tech-savvy world and tech-dependent generation. For the moment, Corona pandemic outbreak also raises the need of QR code technology in almost every field. The precautionary measures against corona virus have enhanced the use of QR code scanning for payments, attendance at workplaces rather than following previous traditional methods.  

Day by day the, people are becoming aware about this technology and implementing at the workplaces. The growth of mobile phone users simultaneously increases the popularity of QR code technology and leads to significant improvement in workplace productivity.   

How it works

QR codes are traditional barcodes printed on product packages, payment applications and identity cards, which looks like an old digital image but contains valuable information. The square shaped code is designed in a machine readable grid with multiple dots and squares on white background, to make the pattern inexplicable to human eyes. These codes are only scanned with the use of any handheld devices with code readers such as smartphones. The code readers securely read the data stored in the barcodes and transfer to the servers for allowing the process flow.  

Due to the enormous advantages of the QR code technology, we are addressing different uses and benefits of QR code technology. 

Use of QR code technology at different workplaces

1. QR Code in a Visitor Management System

The QR code technology can be used in the visitor management system where visitors can simply scan the code after downloading application form a feasible check-in and check-out process. It can help in providing touch less workflow and decrease the use of manual data recording methods.

2. Simplified Voucher Redemption

There are many workplaces, shopping centers and organizations which provide free vouchers or meal coupons with QR codes to their employees and customers at special occasions. The coupons/vouchers can be scanned for their redemption, making the entire process smooth and less time consuming. 

3. Task Assignment and Report Submission

The QR code technology is also used in higher management industries to provide a centralized digital reception to assign tasks and receive report submission effortlessly. This can helps in assigning tasks to their employees directly and improve work management with less time consumption. Employees can scan to facilitate crucial tasks such as equipment operation, inspection, check-in, material delivery, and much more. This all helps in enhancing productivity of the organization. 

4. Employee Identification Process

The QR code technology is used for employee’s identification, attendance and time monitoring by using an application based log programming. The system issues a unique code to each employee, which can be self-scanned using a smartphone. After successful scanning the code, system automatically matches the employee’s data and allows the entries. It helps in completing the verification process rapidly and ensures easy employee engagement.

Benefit of QR code Technology

QR code is able to store large amount of information than the barcodes. 

QR code has omni-directional readability and is easy to read.

QR code has less chances of background view obstruction

Encourage customer engagement with a downloadable scanner

QR code technology is a cost-effective method to facilitate customer engagement

In a conclusion, if you are thinking to upgrade your workplaces and want to provide easiness to your employees and customers, QR code technology can act as a good start. . For more information on QR based technology and related functionality, get in touch with Robato Sytems today. Robato Systems is known for providing comprehensive development solutions to meet all your requirements.

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