Top 5 Computer Vision Use Cases in Automotive Industry

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Computer vision has become a most-prominent and a modern approach for accelerating smart manufacturing operations. It is playing a key role in every aspect of the manufacturing sector.

Computer Vision has become the most popular technology over the past decade, especially in the manufacturing industry. It is making a significant impact at every stage of the manufacturing process, from using computer vision in warehouses to modern robotics in R&D labs.

Further, computer vision-enabled manufacturing functions reduces production defects, improves product quality, increases operational flexibility, minimizes time and cost, and results higher productivity.

Autonomous driving

One of the most well-known applications of computer vision in the automotive sector is the self-driving vehicle. Ranging from self-driving non-commercial cars to heavy-duty logistics trucks, computer vision and AI-enabled self-driving systems are revolutionizing the automotive sector.

Accident prevention

Computer vision-enabled self-driving systems can also prevent accidents with their automated braking or collision avoidance systems. The computer vision-enabled cameras accurately detect pedestrians, vehicles, and other objects to automatically stop the car in case the driver fails to do so.

Assembly automation

Most of the mass-produced cars in the industry are made in automated manufacturing facilities. Computer vision has significantly improved the manufacturing sector in the past few years.

Driving behavior analysis

Computer vision-enabled cameras inside the car are used to analyze the behavior of the driver.

Quality Control

Another major application in the manufacturing side of automotive is quality control.

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