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Intelligent parking solutions are an effective way of increase the customer engagement and raising the revenue. By offering such high-tech services, customer attraction increases to a great extent. It further provides a basis for incorporating cashless smart parking system.

There used to be times when customer had to carry cash in order to pay for using the parking facilities. It caused a major drawback as people required to carry change in form of coins or notes to pay, thus making it a hassle for the customers. Once the parking time expires, drivers had to run back to parking stop to put more money and increase the time allocation.

Now a day with lot of advancement people can have the option of pay by coupon, pay online, pay by smart cards, pay on foot and pay by mobile application systems as explained below.


Pay on foot parking system:

This is most common type of payment method. Whenever a customer is about to exit a building they are require make the payment for the parking before approaching towards their vehicle. Machines are set up at the different parking entry points from the building. Customers can scan their printed tickets in those, and machine will calculate their charges based on time their vehicle was parked at the premises. It is an effective solution for parking management as the customers can pay their parking costs before via cash or card.


Pay by mobile application systems:

Another advanced option to pay your parking fees is using the mobile applications developed for a particular parking system. In such systems customers can pay by sending short message to a particular number with information listed on a board next to their parking spot. Once, the paring time is about to expire, customers can extend by sending another short message. This is very convenient when the person is at a distance from the parking spot.


Pay by coupon:

Pay by coupon is another method of paying for using the parking facilities. The driver are required to print a coupon from the machines installed at the smart parking facilities by putting in number of hours they want to book the parking space for. Once customers make the payment, the machine will print a coupon which drivers will place on the dashboard for the operator to view that the driver has paid for parking and till what time. Such facilities are required to be regularly monitored by the parking inspectors to check all vehicles have paid for their parking.

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