Outdoor parking management solution with Lorawan

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Lorawan technology introduces smart parking solutions that will eliminate the hassle and tussle for drivers looking for available parking lot, and parking vendors looking to make revenue out of their parking areas. With smart meters installed to calculate parking fees and offer car owners easy, secure & convenient payment methods, there’s expected to be a rise in revenue from parking services. Also, each parking lot is installed with smart Lorawan parking sensor which enable around-the-clock real-time monitoring and management of the parking space. The sensors collect data about the space including the usage, availability, and violations and send it to a cloud server where parties in need of the data can securely access it. This includes drivers in need of free or paid parking space who will be notified of available parking slots and can reserve them remotely. This reduces the traffic congestion in search for parking space in cities and also increases efficiency and profitability in parking services.

Features of Lorawan parking sensor

Features of the Lorawan parking sensor include:

·        It’s BLE enabled—supports Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions

·        Has a built-in Li-SOCl2 battery that’s ultra-long life

·        Has an inbuilt Temperature and Humidity sensor (wide range temp of -40+85)

·        High-durability—hardware built to withstand and resist harsh conditions and interference

·        Straightforward installation, cheap construction and maintenance expenses

·        Enables real-time monitoring and space occupancy

·        Top accuracy (98%) is guaranteed since it’s backed by an advanced Artificial Intelligence and numerous sensors including the triaxial sensor.

·        Covered by a robust plastic shell—impeccable IP68 cover and protection

·        Ultra-low-power usage—the battery can last up to 4 years.

Benefits of Lorawan Parking Solution

The Lorawan parking sensor comes parked with multiple benefits including:

1. Easy and cheap to install and maintain

Has outstanding features like affordable but durable hardware which requires low to zero maintenance and the ultra-long life battery. Also, it’s super easy to install the sensors on your vehicle.

2. Enhances environmental sustainability and saves you money and time

Smart parking systems using IoT help you get the best of both worlds. They help reduce traveling distances by identifying available parking spaces which in turn reduces the amount of fuel the car uses and waste emitted to the environment.

3. Convenience

Smart Lorawan parking sensor help reduce traffic congestion as drivers can directly drive to their reserved parking slots without wandering all over, looking for available space. This saves you time and eases your traveling.

4. Increase productivity and Revenue

Businesses offering parking services can allow drivers in need of parking to reserve and access slots any time and make most of their parking area. This way, no available parking spot will be left empty while there’s a vehicle in need of space to park. Through the displays and meters installed on their vehicles, car owners can identify and book available parking slots with ease.

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