Merits of Parking Guidance System

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  • parking guidance system monitors the entry and exit of vehicles from a specific parking area and continuously displays the information of availability of vacant parking spaces. It is equipped with different devices such as camera, sensors, automatic gates, boom barriers and LED displays to improve the security of vehicles and ensure seamless flow of traffic.

  • The Smart parking system has two main types on the basis of installation areas: On-street and Off-street Parking system. The On-street parking system is usually installed at the sides of the streets within the cities. It provides real-time information about the vacant or non-vacant spaces through mobile/ web based solutions.

    On the other hand, Off-street parking system is mounted inside the parking areas specifically of shopping complexes, airports, hospitals, academic institutes etc. It is fitted with sensors and LED displays at specific places to display the availability of lots in the parking area.

    Both the Parking Systems simplifies the parking process, limit the wastage of time of parkers, lower the fuel wastage, certifies safety of vehicles and raises the revenue for the owners.

    Have a look at few merits of a Parking Guidance System:

    1. Interaction of sensors, software and core intelligence: 

    The Smart parking system is equipped with camera based sensors, ultrasonic parking sensors, electromagnetic parking sensor, etc. to transmit data to the zone or floor control units which immediate transmit available lots information to parking count signage displays and core server system. The local core server system is further connected with an online parking platform that helps parking management to get the real time tracking of parking remotely. 

    2. Increases the revenues of the Parking Owners: 

    The Parking guidance system manages the parking facility using online portals like Mobile or web applications. These portals analyze the availability of parking facility and provide real time information. It enhances pre-booking payments of the parking slots and prevents cancellations. The advanced fully automatic parking system also attracts the customers towards the facilities and elevates revenue. In addition, the utilization rate or the number of visitors increases due to availability of each and every hidden vacant spaces and results in increase t of revenue from the parking tickets.

    3. Customers will be delighted

    The parking guidance system offers various advantages to the customers by providing easiness in search of parking spaces. The sensor based LED display systems available in the parking areas shows the information of the free parking vacancies to the parkers and provide ample amount of time to parkers for other activities. Furthermore, shorter driving times lead to lower environmental impacts. So, the smart parking system always leaves a positive impression on the customers by providing modern and green technologies. 

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