How ANPR - Automatic Number Plate recognition System helps parking management?

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Smart Parking has a simple, cost effective and reliable system that can be catered to the specifications of both the site and the business requirements.

The smart way to manage your car park

Smart Parking uses ANPR/LPR across the UK and the rest of the world as part of our solution to monitor and manage car parks. 

Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), also known as licence plate recognition (LPR), is a technology that reads vehicle registration plates. ANPR is widely used around the world by agencies such as the police force, traffic management facilities, toll agencies on pay-per-use roads, as well as parking management services.

Smart Parking is here to assist you by deploying our market leading car park monitoring technology, our tried and tested management and operational expertise, and a wealth of support services that will ensure your car parking service provides a positive customer parking experience.

 With more than 20 years’ experience, we manage thousands of car park spaces for some of the UK’s leading site owners, managing their car parking infrastructure, increasing footfall and revenues and reducing operating costs. It’s a client portfolio that makes Smart Parking one of the largest, most capable and efficient operators in the sector, delivering high quality service, compliance, security and income.

Using technology to manage your site

The technology is simple to install and is proven to be a cost effective, reliable way to effectively operate control over parking spaces in settings such as supermarkets, shopping centres, gyms, business estates, hotels, public council-run land, and more.

With any ANPR install, Smart Parking combines our technologies to create a parking management solution that is tailored to each site. By setting parameters and business rules to the system we can cater for requirements such as permit only, staff only, free limited time parking, set time parking, zero tolerance and after business hours.

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