Computer vision solutions for the food industry

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Food production industry is one of largest industries in world. Many manufacturing processes and companies are involved in this industry that makes food we enjoy every day. Such processes can take months for research, testing and deployment. Computer vision offers awe-inspiring advances for food and beverage industry.

1. Quality check

In a food production process quality of each product should be checked so that only high-quality products are delivered to customers. For this purpose use of computer vision systems is increasingly popular in food industry.

Each food company has its own specific requirements for this solution. These often require proprietary data, specialized sensors, and different computer vision technologies. The way to meet these requirements is to customize the software and hardware to each customer.

For instance algorithms for extracting features from images will vary depending on what the object is (e.g., an orange crate) and what’s in the picture (e.g., a grayscale conveyor belt) and background and lighting.

2. Sorting, counting, measuring

While people would have trouble evaluating a fruit’s size, they can generally make a good estimate by comparing its proportions with other fruits they know. Most customers prefer apples that are between 75 and 80 mm in diameter. We can measure diameter of a gorgeous apple in a fraction of a second with computer vision.

A computer vision counting and sorting system can simplify grading fruits, vegetables, nuts, and oysters according to their shape, size, and maturity. It also speeds up sorting by 10 times.

3. Packaging

An automated computer vision visual check of a package’s filling level and labeling can help prevent shortages and food recalls. These solutions can check fill levels in bottles and prevent overfilling and mislabeling.

A visual check can detect packed product freshness by special ink changing its color based on time at a faster pace depending on temperature, this is how machine vision is revolutionizing food industry.

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