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Parking management system streamlines the parking operations with the advent in the proliferation of biometric modalities. In an era of raging parking issues, optimal usage of parking space and the abruptness to park vehicles are critical factors. Technology-based Parking Management System is an automated solution that provides an advance and rapid solution, right from an entry in the parking area to the exit.

Here is a quick overview of how the most common types of parking management solutions work:

Office Centric

Office parking processes were dysfunctional and companies adapted parking management systems from big hardware suppliers to solve their problems and manage their car spots. However, these were not fit for purpose and have led to large parking problems including security concerns, obstructive parking, and unallocated spots in many companies.

Currently, office-centric parking solutions otherwise known as employee parking software are the fastest-growing segment of parking management software.


The parking experience at many residential and multi-family complexes has been dysfunctional for a long time. Who owns what space? Where can guests park? How can visitors get through the barrier? For a long time it has been an area which generally delivered a sub-standard experience.

Luckily for property managers & owners residential parking management systems are growing in popularity. For good reason too, they can make all residential parking problems disappear in a few clicks of a button.

Automating guest parking bookings, payments, managing space allocation and digitising entry & exit are just some of the popular benefits of solutions in this space.


This is the most basic type of car park management system. It is the traditional “man in a hut” who keeps an eye on who goes in and comes out. You find these operations in low-tech environments. For reasons best known to the park’s management, they are looking to keep a cash operation.

A staff member accepts payment from motorists as they enter and exit the garage. The individual also issues a manual piece of paper to check entry and exit. This role will also supervise the car park to make sure no one is staying longer than they should be. They’ll keep a track of all this in a big ledger or on a computer.

Hardware Focused

Pay-to-use car parks are generally run by car park operators. Operators prefer managing their parks using expensive pieces of hardware to control payment and access to their parking spaces.

Motorists only gain entry into the park via large barriers. An issued ticket is the only proof needed to enter the parking lot. Before departure, drivers need to pay at a pay station for the length of their stay.

A local staff member will often be stationed at the park in case of any difficulties. The hardware has a backend that reports on occupancy and revenue generation.

Software Focused

Consumers are looking for smoother parking experiences while park managers are looking to reduce upfront capital cost on parking equipment. Software-focused parking management solutions offer these functionalities and more.

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