Building Computer Vision Applications

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There's no question that computer vision is having a massive impact on the construction industry. Innovative construction companies are seeking out new ways to solve their traditional business challenges and improve everything from safety and coordination to productivity.

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a state-of-the-art technology that gives sight to AI. Together, computer vision and artificial intelligence are like having an extra set of eyes looking over every aspect of a project. 

Monitor and Increase Productivity Without Tracking Workers

One of the biggest concerns for builders today is finding ways to increase productivity and get projects done faster. At the same time, maintaining the privacy and protecting workers' identities is essential. Computer vision provides innovative solutions to these concerns, enabling construction companies to increase efficiency in real-time. 

Improve Safety Management

Safety is crucial in a construction project. A recent study revealed that construction worker deaths from injuries at work jumped by 41.4% between 2011 and 2019. Smart safety applications powered by computer vision can help combat these unnerving statistics. 

Improve Project Management

Managing the subcontractors and workers on-site can be challenging. Disputes often arise between supervisors and subcontractors regarding how much work was done or when people were on site. Bringing AI into project management provides a single source of truth for all project labor, allowing companies to manage everyone more efficiently.

Track Progress and Measure Quality

The combination of powerful 3D/360 cameras and computer vision allows project managers to not only create accurate digital models of construction projects but also to analyze progress and quality in real-time. 

Report Project Costs

Computer vision automates the process of detecting, measuring, and analyzing objects in photos and video. The technology can identify potential problems with a construction project early on, significantly lowering the project's overall cost.

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