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Automated Parking Solution one such innovative system that presents dynamic information on parking within controlled areas. Car parking is becoming a challenge in modern days. Continuous growth of vehicles has resulted in frustration of drivers in searching for parking spaces. The only method to minimize the usage of parking space, to reduce the waste of fuel and time is to install a proper parking guidance system. It enhances motorists with convenient command over parking system with great attributes. Modern parking utilizes different advanced technologies to assist motorists about available and occupied spaces. It helps drivers diminish traffic jams linked to parking and augment the infrastructure efficiency.

Many versions of the automatic parking solutions are brought out by different developers, but the basic principles and features can be generalized to a good extent. For instance a simple and robust system devised by Robato systems in India includes: Sensor based automatic parking system and Loop based automatic parking system. These solutions involve the use of LED display to show total vacant and occupied lots at each floor of parking system, Boom Barrier gate that closes automatically when parking floor is full and ultrasonic sensors to detect the entry and exit of the vehicles.

The system is basically relying on ultrasonic parking sensors which will detect and report presence of a vehicle in parking slot. So the components can be summarized as electric message signals, zone boards, ultrasonic LED sensors, wireless outdoor sensors, and a central software system. Robato Systems installed this product in malls, shopping centers, commercial spaces, road side parking areas, bus stands and railway stations where traffic congestion is very habitually faced.


Installing an automatic parking guidance system is no big deal nowadays but Robato Systems sure does make difference. This automatic parking system has numerous benefits which we would certainly expect but there are superfluous perks which make it an obvious choice. It serves good both to the installer or the authority and the customers.

Benefits to the CUSTOMERS:

The Automatic Parking solution by Robato systems provides dynamic information and reports regarding the availability of the parking slot and hence simplifies the whole cumbersome process of parking in crowded areas and reduces congestion to a great extent.This also helps in reducing accidents and incidents due to careless parking and saves a lot of time. This leads to a great relief in stress and makes a busy schedule much smoother. Better parking efficiency leads to greater fuel efficiency and reduces wear and tear and other damage to vehicles. All these prove that parking guidance system prove to be innovation at its best.

Benefits to the INSTALLER:

Installation of automatic parking solution helps in reducing traffic congestion at the entry of the place of installation and hence helps in maintaining tranquility.It helps in making use of the existing parking spaces and reduces the need for more. Efficient use leads to less maintenance costs. Less congestion and frustration leads to gain in customer loyalty and encourages repeated visits to the place. It also helps in easier management of parking spaces and involves lesser manual labor. And there are reduced chances of damage caused to parking spaces and facilities.

Benefits to the ENVIRONMENT:

It is really exciting to know that the installation of a parking guidance system can have environmental benefits that too to such overwhelming extent as are explicit from several case studies.As studies revealed, installation of Parking guidance system in Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, has witnessed a 70% reduction in vehicle emission.Efficient parking and traffic management leads to fuel efficiency and lesser environmental degradation due to automobile exhaust.So, we can surely say that installation of Automatic Parking System is an indispensability of today to curb the vehicular congestion caused due to incrementing number of vehicles. The numerous benefits count to its pertinence and it surely stands out as an innovation in something that authentically matters, nothing less than a “stitch in time “.

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