All you need to know about Hardware-based parking management system

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A parking management system refers to the innovative technologies providing solutions in the parking industry. The core idea behind any parking management system is self-explanatory:

It’s a system that helps people, companies, and organizations to manage their parking spaces.

Managing car parks isn’t an easy task for companies and organizations because there are lots of moving parts including traffic and the availability of spaces. It is a time-consuming task, requires human labor, and is inefficient. Using a parking management system can help reduce a business’s administrative overhead on parking and reduce the impact of their parking space on their local community.

Hardware-based management

For the past 50 years, most large car parks have been managed through hardware solutions. These solutions include the parking cash machines that often sit beside street parking, but we’ll focus on the barrier arms that block commercial and mall car parks, spitting out tickets on the way in, and requiring payment or a paid ticket on the way out.

In terms of those main four elements…

Payments - people pay at a machine for the length of their stay, either to open the barrier arm as they leave, or at a paystation within the car park. Machines generally take card payments, and sometimes also cash.

Monitoring - because people need to pull a ticket to park, the hardware system automatically tracks how many people are currently parking.

Access control - barrier arms or gates effectively control car park access.

Reporting - hardware solutions have backend reporting, which tracks occupancy and revenue generation.

Hardware is reliable at taking payments, monitoring, and providing access control. However, it comes with high upfront costs, and the machines need to be maintained. This is why companies are now opting for a third option...

Software solutions

Expense is part of the reason that people are turning to car park management software solutions. However, software also promises a better experience for parkers, remote monitoring, detailed reporting, and the flexibility to suit any car park - public, workplace, tenant, visitor, and mixed-use.

Generally, parking management software includes:

A user app, so parkers can pay and book a park through their smartphone

A web panel where administrators receive real-time information about what’s happening in the car park

Integrations with hardware like access control gates and EV chargers

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