How ESD Tripod Turnstiles Are Safe Enough For High Security EPA?

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How ESD Tripod Turnstiles Are Safe Enough For High Security EPA?

ESD integrated Tripod or Turnstile is automatic gated security system for ESD Protected Area for its reliability, efficiency and overall effectiveness. They have caught eyes of almost every organization that urged for a safe space management tool. Tripod have three metallic rods assembled in a particular angle and its basic functioning well linked with an entrance software. The software operated on various mode i.e biometric readings, barcode scanner, QRcode Scanner, proximity card readers, etc. These turnstiles have their marked set in comparison to other security devices. Tripod Turnstile is one of their successful launches in this gadget arena.

It is the biggest problem which none of us can deny and with the increasing inclination on security and safety, if there is no access control over EPA then any one can get access to hardware devices and may damage with Human Body Static charge. To handle this critical security and safety of ESD Protected Area ESD Access Control System solution developed by Robato Systems.

How ESD Turnstiles does improves security?

Turnstiles provide a visible indicator that the person is entering or exiting should be authorized and pre-register into access control application.Different access policies can applied for access on production floor for staff, indirect staff and visitors. While getting access first user has to prove his or her identity and perform ESD test, If both result is pass only then he or she get access to secure ESD Protected Area. ESD Access Control System also helps the organization in many other ways as well such as Easy EPA Audit, entry and exit logs, security, reliability, improve product quality, etc. For complete product details, see the Robato Systems ESD Flap Barrier access control system.