Revolutionary solution  to kill ESD Ghost

Our ESD access control system is established to control ESD damages on production floor to improve your product’s quality, raise profits and boost your brand image. Our ESD control system is customizable, can be integrated with your existing turnstile gates, flap barrier gates and magnetic gates.


In today’s modern technology production environment, ESD has become one of the essential need to deliberate in the overall product quality control. Robato system is developing ESD access control devices with verification system via Turnstile gates, to diminish the static charge of workers and verify their identity before entry to the production area.

Each constituent present in ESD protected area (EPA) plays important part against ESD. We provide Turnstile gates for the verification of the workers to prevent any type of electronic discharge. The turnstile gates allow only those personnel’s who discharge their charge using ESD access control device. Moreover, these turnstile gates are associated with in built software which is used to store the data of registered users only.

Challenges on Production Floor without ESD control

  • Human ESD shock damages electronic product/component on Production floor.

  • ESD impacted product will fails on field, more product complaints, unsatisfied customers.

  • Low Quality Product results loss of business and revenue

  • No Control on Unauthorized access on Production floor.

  • In Manual ESD testing system, there is tendency of employees can skip ESD test before getting access to ESD Protected Area - EPA.

  • Impact on company Brand value.

  • No records of ESD Test done by employees, No help in ESD Audit process of production floor.

  • On field product failure, unsatisfied customers.

ESD Access Control System: A way out

Fully automatic software controlled ESD turnstile access control system from ROBATO SYSTEMS solved all the risks involved on EPA from ESD charged human body. Admin controlled software to register the different types of users (Direct Staff , Indirect Staff, Visitor) with applicable access policy (ESD test required on every entry, one ESD test per day and so on). Only registered users can get access to EPA after completely follow the entry procedure defined below.

ROBATO SYSTEMS has developed two solution for ESD Access Control System.

Integrated ESD Turnstile Access Control System

: Single ESD Combo Tester and ESD Foot plate is integrated on turnstile / flap barrier along with Proximity Card Reader.

Distributed ESD Turnstile Access Control System

: Multiple ESD combo Testers and Proximity Card Readers can be integrated with ESD turnstile / flap barrier / ESD gate.

Entry Procedure:

  • Punch the Card on card reader embedded on ESD Turnstile / ESD Tripod / ESD Tester Stand / ESD Gate.

  • User should be already registered in SQL database by Admin using ESD Access Management Software.

  • User do ESD test after properly standing on ESD combo Tester stand.

  • If ESD test result is PASS then only then user will get access from ESD Turnstile / ESD Tripod / ESD Tester Stand / ESD Gate.

  • Automatic ESD test results and entry logs get saved into SQL Server Database.

Exit Procedure:

  • ROBATO SYSTEMS provide few options for user exit from EPA. Proximity Card Reader, Infrared Sensors and Push Button.

  • Exit logs of users from ESD Protected Area can only be provided If card punch required at time of exit from ESD turnstile gate.

  • Infrared Sensors embedded on flap barrier gate for exit purpose.

  • Push button can also be used for exit purpose.

ESD Access Control Solution

Benefits of ESD Access Control

Benefits of ESD Turnstile Access Control System

Benefits of esd access control system
  • Fully automatic ESD turnstile gate access control, no chance of errors.

  • Only registered users will get access to ESD Protected Area or production Floor.

  • No chance of product damages because of Human ESD shock.

  • Inreases product quality, zero on field product failure, no product complaints, happy customers.

  • High Quality Product results gain of business and revenue.

  • No entry to unauthorized user on Production floor.

  • Register user will only get access to EPA, if ESD testing is PASS.

  • Complete records of ESD test done by employees that can be used for several purposes.

  • Reports and logs generated by ESD access control system can be use in ESD Audit process of production floor.

  • Self automatic error diagnostic by ESD gate / ESD turnstile / ESD Tripod access control system.

  • Client will be happy and impressed to see automatic ESD access control system on production floor.

  • ESD access control system is completely customized solution that can fulfill each ESD Protected Area.

Features of ESD Turnstile Access Control System

  • Fully automatic system to restricted entries to the EPA to protect the electronic products from human ESD ghost.

  • Only authorized person can get access to EPA after fully ESD test by ESD Access control system. Door opens after swiping EM card and footwear test passed.

  • The Access gate allows bi-directional both entry with ESD Pass and exit, with IR sensors or by pressing a button.

  • ESD result logs helps for audit purpose without putting any additional efforts.

  • Desktop software to generate the reports with several options in Excel and PDF format.

  • Microsoft SQL Server used as a server database to store all the access logs of users entries (Pass & Fail) to audit and managerial purposes.

  • A bulk mode user registration is also available in application software to save the precious time.

  • The ESD Access Controller equipped with LED’s for Health indication of the system (connectivity status and errors).

  • The ESD ACS can be integrated with attendance module; it can provide the access events served as Time Attendance data base to make many HR reports.

  • Problem self-recovery and corrective measure ability.

  • Anti-pinch function with UPS to satisfy firefighter requires, ensure user’s safe.

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