Automatic Number Plate Recognition Using Machine Learning

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The massive integration of information technologies, under different aspects of the modern world, has led to the treatment of vehicles as conceptual resources in information systems. Since an autonomous information system has no meaning without any data, there is a need to reform vehicle information between reality and the information system. This can be achieved by human agents or by special intelligent equipment that will allow identification of vehicles by their registration plates in real environments. Among intelligent equipment, mention is made of the system of detection and recognition of the number plates of vehicles. The system of vehicle number plate detection and recognition is used to detect the plates then make the recognition of the plate that is to extract the text from an image and all that thanks to the calculation modules that use location algorithms, segmentation plate and character recognition.


ALPR is a very advanced and intelligent system that has gotten popular due to its various real-life use cases, without any human intervention, Let’s have a look at them.

Traffic violation: The ALPR can be used by police or law enforcement to identify any traffic violation by a vehicle at a traffic light using only a single camera. It can also be used to identify any stolen or non-registered vehicles in real-time.

Parking management: Parking management at many places requires a lot of human interaction, But due to ALPR it can be reduced to zero. The camera installed in the parking lots can recognize the plates at the entrance and store them in a database or allow the vehicles only if they are in the database. At the time of exit, the plate can be recognized again and can be charged accordingly.

Tollbooth payments: At highways, manual toll booths get hectic and can lead to huge traffic. Using ANPR, toll booths can recognize the license plates and receive payments automatically.