Weighment Solutions for Cranes

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Many a times, weights are in tons and proper equipment to measure such weights is necessary in industry. In production departments, accurate bulk of load has to be properly utilized at the proper time. Lifting, weighing and placing of heavy loads is a cumbersome and hectic process. Only proper equipment can eliminate errors in weighing and thereby assure accurate results. Crane scales are specially designed for weighing heavy loads. The hook provided to the cranes, lifts the load, measures it and places it on its proper place.

Crane scales used for foundry can weigh loads ranging from 5 tons to 50 tons depending upon user and application. The load cell used in these scales is special locking type arrangement with intrinsic safety features against lifting of sudden high impact loads. Housing all around such scales acts like a heat shield in the foundry set-up. These scales have super bright 1 inch height red LED. These models can work in an atmosphere where temperature range is high up to even 1800 degrees. Battery of such crane scales is rechargeable. The load cell connects to upper ring and bottom swivel hook of crane scale. It has got a design as per the dimension chart with capacity and accuracy to prevent loosening or any other problem.

Another variety of crane scales measures weights from 1 ton to 100 tons. All other features are the same and these scales are available in several models too. Crane scales are largely used in Process industry, Foundries industry, Transport, Metal industry, Steel industry, Cement industry and so on where there is a continuous requirement of weighing heavy loads. For lesser weights, there are hanging crane scales too that measure weights from 30 kg to 300 kgs. These models are available in stainless steel body too. This type of scales are suitable for poultries, market yards, shops, retail outlets etc.

The biggest benefit of crane scales is that weights can be hung and lifted by the scales on the own. In platform or bridge type scales, weights have to be loaded on the platform for weighing but in crane scales, the machinery can be brought near the load and then loads can be hung and lifted by the crane itself. In many applications, this feature is a welcome benefit as it saves labour and energy to lift weights first and get them weighed. The combined mechanism facilitates usage and thus is crane scales become a convenient weighing option.