Pollution Reduction in the cities with Smart Parking Technology

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In these days, everyone is in rush to reach at their destinations. To do so, people are dependent on vehicles for travelling even smaller distances. This leads to large number of vehicles on the roads, which is becoming an enormous issue for the cities in regards to environmental impact and quality of life. Due to the overuse of vehicles, parking is becoming an important issue for the drivers, owners of parking areas and the governments. So, at this time control over transportation system and development of parking areas and their up-gradation to smart parking guidance systems is becoming a key priority for all the cities to make their cities more livable for the people.

Various reports indicated that approximately 30-40 per cent traffic congestions are usually occurred due to parking difficulties. On an average, each person spent around 20-25 minutes to find a parking space in the metropolitan cities. However, Smart parking system is an innovative technology followed from many decades to upgrade the parking areas and helps in decreasing the congestions and time to park the vehicles.

Robato Systems is associated with providing Smart parking guidance systems at different places and helping cities with various benefits such as efficient transportation, reduce traffic and fuel emissions, vibrant local economies and better quality of life for the residents. The smart parking system is more beneficial for the Indian cities which are repeatedly rank higher in most polluted cities.

According to a report by The Sustainable Development Goals, global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) have increased by almost 50 per cent since 1990. It is cleared that the air we breathe has a deep impact on our health. So, it is necessary to implement a wide array of technological measures and changes in behavior, to limit the increase in global mean temperature and emission of gases. It is estimated that if the automatic parking systems come into play, approximately 15-20 per cent of the level of carbon dioxide emission would be brought down.

India is the home to 13 of the world’s most polluted cities and also ranked 3 rd in emission of greenhouse gases after United States and China. To control these problems, Indian government has also started few measures to control the level of increasing pollution such as “even-odd schemes” and pollution control vehicles in the metro cities. These measures have given feasible results with decrease of 10-15 per cent of the pollution. This graph is expected to reach at 20-30 per cent, if Smart parking systems are brought into action. Hence, with global concerns towards sustainable development, the smart parking systems are becoming the need of an hour.