Why Authenticated access is needed in ESD protected area?

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Why Authenticated access is needed in ESD protected area?

Safety has always been the first priority of mankind. Either it be workplace or home, being safe and most importantly, working in a safe environment has always been a fair necessity. But it’s always essential on the part of the personnel to maintain certain degree of perfection in the work to ensure safety while handling risky jobs.

When we are associated with the handling of electrical devices and components, precautions and safety are the most essential. Authenticity among the employees has always been a matter of concern in any workplace as even a single mishandling can lead to grave consequences and risk lives too. The workers should be highly trained about the working space and handling too. Let’s now dig deep into ‘Why authentic access to ESD protected areas becomes important.’

In the ESD restricted areas, there are many components which can easily damaged by the static charges. These components include computer cards, laser diodes, resistors, MOSFET transistors etc. ESD protected areas (EPA) are areas which are equipped with ESD control items which are essential components required to minimize or eliminate the chances of damages caused to ESD sensitive devices while handling.

Robato systems are providing solutions (ESD access control device) to restrict the entry of personnel’s in the restricted area. Robato systems are developing ESD access control devices along with Turnstile gates with in-built software’s to manage the restricted entry of workers after diminishing static charge of body and its verification through turnstile gates.  This ESD acess control device helps to prevent electrostatic discharges that could occur while handling electrical devices. These electrostatic discharges are highly dangerous in factories or companies as these damage the components and electrical devices and hinder the manufacturing process and lead to faulty products.

This solution provided by Robato systems gives access to only trained personnel in the restricted area. It helps in maintaining precision at work and handling components with perfection and enhances the safety of personnel and electronic products within the ESD protected areas. Our highly proficient team also provides customized solutions to fulfill the high end requirements of the customers.