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Visitor Management Control System - VMCS


Visitor Management Control System - VMCS

In traditional way, organizations are maintaining manual register entries for Visitor Management which is time taking and difficult to maintain. It is almost impossible to generate visitor’s entries and exit reports after months end or year-end. No visual proofs maintained for visitors, which plays vital role in security of an organizations.

VMCS is the best-fit solution to overcome all traditional problems.
Automatic Visitor management system designed with usage of compact electronic devices such as camera, barcode scanner, printer, card reader and so on.
Visitor photograph saved in server database with entry and exit time along with visiting purpose.
Company guard provides barcode enabled Visitor paper slip to visitor using our VMCS software.
This system acts as basic locks and keys used in the homes to access entry but works with Barcodes.
VMCS is totally control by computers and readers to provide the access that provides ease of management, enhances security, improved functionality over the manual systems and provides automatic counts of the visitors.
Barcode containing specific access ID with date and time.
A barcode reader, which enables the reading of access ID and communicates with the centralized visitor management software.
A electronically controlled sensor which controls the locking and unlocking of doors or physical barriers (gates, ramp etc.) after getting signals from visitor management software.
Microsoft SQL Server or cloud based server used as a server database.
Auto generated email feature to send day access report on predefined emails.

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