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Sensor Based Car Parking System - SBCPS


Sensor Based Car Parking System - SBCPS

Solution to utilize the parking space up to maximum level without manual force. Very user-friendly automatic remote controlled parking solution to increase the revenue from parking management industry.

Ultrasonic sensor to determine the presence of vehicle.
Real time detection, counting & Indication of the vacant lots.
Vacant lots Indicates with GREEN color LED and occupied lots with RED color.
LED Display Panels to show for available lots with direction for each row.
LED used to minimize power consumption & increase visibility with long maintenance-free life.
Master Controller interface between Application Software & other Parking devices & Zone Controller.
User Friendly Parking Guidance System Software based on SQL database with highest level of security.
Automatic day report generation and pushes on defined emails.
De-centralized payment collection software at exit points.

Application Areas:
Shopping Centre
Commercial Parking
Road Side Parking
Bus Stand
Railway Station

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