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QRcode Access Control System - QACS


QRCode Access Control System - QACS

ROBATO comes with next generation solution for access control management of several market segments such as membership based organizations, factories, Gyms, Hotels, Expo Centre, etc. Mobile Applications based access control system. This system acts as basic locks and keys used in the homes to access entry but works with QRcode or Barcode.

Who, when and where get the access to specific area and physical assets?
QACS is advance automatics solution to protect physical, IP and human possessions from unauthorized access.
Saves smart card cost because now everyone has smart phones.
QACS integrates with any type of door like wooden, glass and metal
Only registered authorized members will get the QRcode from their service provider.
Mobile Applications can also use to get valid unique QRcode to get access from QACS.
QACS system can integrated with cloud based payment management module.
Very adaptive, modular, scalable and function-rich Access Control solution used for employee’s attendance purpose as well.
Design to meet access control needs of any organization regardless of its size, locations, layouts, and timings
Desktop application to generate the reports with several options in Excel and PDF format
Customized access policies for different types of employees supported by QACS such as Direct Employee, Indirect Employee and Visitors.
This system works in online and offline mode. In offline mode, it has capability to store access logs that pushes to main server when system gets online.
Microsoft SQL Server or cloud based server used as a server database.
Auto generated email feature to send day access report on predefined emails

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