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Parking Guidance System - PGS


Parking Guidance System - PGS

Parking has long been a poorly managed resource, causing in ecological and financial problems and customer dissatisfaction Traffic congestion inside the parking is majorly due to lack of parking guidance system. Consumers are looking parking space for long time that leads to non-trivial reduction in vehicle emission, time wastage and dissatisfaction. Robato PGS provides very simple and robust automatic solution with actual vehicle availability in parking on real time. LED display to show total vacant lots at each floor of parking system. Boom Barrier gate automatically closed when parking floor parking is full.

Best utilization of parking space.
Increase parking profits.
No manual workers required.
Cost efficient.
Auto management of traffic congestion.
User-friendly parking makes them happy.

Application Areas:
Shopping Centre
Commercial Parking
Road Side Parking
Bus Stand
Railway Station

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