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IoT Based Car Parking System


IoT Based Car Parking System - IBCPS

High-tech innovations and societal needs are now align for the extensive acceptance of the next generation of smart parking solutions. The biggest challenge is accurate and timely vehicle detection. Robato’s IoT based server less parking solution provides in-ground or surface-mounted LoRa / Sigfox parking sensors that communicates with a LoRa® gateway or Sigfox base station to provide real-time parking data. Parking sensors gives true vehicle detection in parking spaces, stable over temperature fluctuations, even in harsh environments, and up to 10 years of battery life.

Features & Benefits

Industry’s most accurate magnetic sensing system for vehicle detection.
High-performance electromagnetic sensor and vehicle detection algorithms that accurately detect the presence or absence of a car in a parking space.
Built-in LoRa® or Sigfox radio with complete LPWAN compatibility.
Sensors with ultra-low power consumption.
Parking solution includes Cloud Services, dashboard for monitoring and managing all parking resources, installation and verification, diagnostics, and reporting.

Application Areas:

Shopping Centre
Commercial Parking
Road Side Parking
Bus Stand
Railway Station

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